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Dedicated to the study of Military and Cultural History of Kentucky

KHSF has determined that the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s desire to push Sales Tax on to our clients as an unnecessary and inappropriate intrusion on your desire to learn about your history.  Therefore we have abandoned our Non-Profit Status and will continue business as a small private business.  State or Federal governments will not hinder our desire to draw you closer to your history.  This is now a personal mission.  Governments at any level need not apply.

The Kentucky Historical Studies Foundation is dedicated to providing a deeper understanding of Kentucky History by encouraging and supporting:

  • Kentuckians with an interest in History, furthering their education beyond the classroom environment.
  • Discovery and nurturing of personal and familial connections to Kentucky History.
  • Preservation and Restoration of History.

Fields of Research currently include:

* Exploring, Founding, and settling of Kentucky

* The Revolutionary War

* The War of 1812

* The Civil War

* The Spanish-American War

* Kentucky Political and Economic History

* Railroad and Transportation within the Commonwealth