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About Us


Welcome to the Kentucky Historical Studies Foundation.  We are not your average run of the mill “Historical Society” type of organization.  While we have a strong interest in helping Kentuckians better understand the history of the Commonwealth we understand that not everyone learns the same way.  Recommending a book to someone who doesn’t enjoy reading does nothing to help them better understand a particular topic they find interesting.  A potential life long history student can be lost in that one moment because we didn’t take the time to help them understand one small piece of history in a way they can grasp.  We want to encourage people to learn more of their family history and how their families made Kentucky what it is today.  Some times that means putting them IN the history itself.  Whatever it takes, we want to help Kentuckians find their place in the history of the Commonwealth.  Kentucky cannot move forward if we do not know where we came from.

The Kentucky Historical Studies Foundation provides a deeper understanding of Kentucky History by encouraging and supporting:

I. Kentuckians with an interest in History, furthering their education beyond the classroom environment.

II. Discovery and nurturing of personal and familial connections to Kentucky History.

III. Preservation and Restoration of Kentucky History

IV. Immersive historical experiences for Kentuckians of all ages.