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We are all about whatever it takes to get you more interested in Kentucky history and events that impacted Kentucky history.  We are even willing to PAY YOU to get you involved!  Okay, so “pay you” might be a bit much but we will certainly reward you for your efforts.  Recently we published a brief history of the 1861 East Tennessee Unionist Rebellion.   There is PLENTY of room for some “fan fiction” based on this harrowing tale. Want to let your imagination roam a bit and tell us a FICTIONAL story from this period? Give it a shot! Best story, as determined by our committee of experts, will win a $25 Amazon Gift card! Gift card could be more if we can get some donations for the effort.  All donations are tax deductible so if you think the award should be more feel free to donate. All donations until July 21st at Midnight will be added to the gift card total.

We do have some guidelines:

Submission Deadline: Midnight July 21st, 2017

Submission guidelines:

* Submit your story to
* 1,000 words or something close enough to that
* Be sure to include an email address or phone number so we may contact you (no, we will not spam or call to try and sell you something else…hate that)
* Non-Fantasy so no vampires, werewolves, magic, or super heroes
* MS Word, basic TEXT, Links to your blog, basically we have to be able to READ it

The winner will be notified no later than August 1st and announced\published August 5th unless the author wishes to be announced sooner.